Ca fait toujours plaisir.

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Ca fait toujours plaisir.

Message  Jean-Paul Bindel le Lun 19 Oct 2009 - 9:10

Ci dessous trois messages (en anglais) envoyé par des professeurs américains à leurs amis pour annoncer mes futurs stages en novembre aux USA.

Message de Will HIGGINBOTHAM

Hello Everybody,

For several years now our friend in France, Jean Paul Bindel, has been hosting many of the top guys in DKI for seminars. He has been a strong supporter of DKI causing a spread in interest all over Europe.

We want to honor him by attending his seminars here in the states. I am hosting him for two seminars.
One in the Chicago area at Ken Smiths dojo Islanders Karate on Saturday November 14th and the other one in the Bloomington, Indiana area at Gary Cunningham's dojo Guardian Martial Arts on Sunday November 15th. Professor George Dillman may attend the second one.
I am hoping to get nice turnouts for Grandmaster Bindel. He taught at my annual summer camp
for Professor George Dillman this past July and everyone was blown away by his knowledge. So, please do your best to attend one or both of these events.
Thank You all,
Will Higginbotham

Message de Tony EVERETT (qui sera en France au printemps pour un stage MMA)


Please check out the attached seminar announcements. I have personally met and trained with
GM Jean Paul Bindel and I know that we can all gain a huge amout of from his teachings. He is traveling all the way from France! He is a retired Police Inspector formally with the Paris Police Force. He is the head
of all DKI in the country of France and has done great work to get the knowledge of pressure points to martial artists all over Europe. I plan to attend both days if at all possible. GM Bindel has been practicing Judo since just before I was born!

(Stephanie, please print these announcements and put them up on our Dojo door for all to see.)


Anthony T. Everett
5th Dan, Kempo
2nd Dan, Judo

Message du Professor "George DILLMAN"

WILL HIGGINBOTHAM........Hosting JEAN-PAUL BINDEL in Chicago area on Saturday November
14 and in Bloomington, IN on November 15th
As of now--I too am planning to go..........................
JEAN-PAUL BINDEL, an excellent Martial Artist has worked out many Jiu-jitsu techniques with pressure points.
He demonstrated these at our Deer Lake Camp...And a lot of people expressed interest in learning them...
Try to make it to one of these...

Contact: Will Higginbotham, or Ken Smith, or Gary Cunningham.
A Flyer to follow--later this week.

"Si on ne peut parler que de sa propre expérience, on peut toujours apprendre de celle des autres."
Jean-Paul Bindel

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Re: Ca fait toujours plaisir.

Message  Stephane Sterling Ribeyre le Lun 19 Oct 2009 - 19:55

Si il y a un flyer pour cette tournée, je suis prenneur.
Merci !
Stephane Sterling Ribeyre

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